How To Sell Your House Around The UK- A Step By Step Guide

April 4, 2017

1.     Make your house in great shape

This doesn’t mean complete renovation- rather; ensure the house is clean, neat and free from clutter that may put off potential buyers. If it looks good on the outside, make it look good on the inside too. Survey the house to know what problems to fix when. By doing this, you will confidently demonstrate to buyers how good your house’s condition really is.

 2.     Make at least three valuations

Have at least three different local real estate agents value your house. Engage their expertise by asking them why they feel your home is worth the amount they have suggested. Also ask them what they would do to help you land the best price from the most appropriate buyer. You can use best Great Britain instant cash service and see your house value.

3.     Make a decision of who will sell your home

Many people may prefer to use a traditional high street real estate agent. Another viable option which would potentially save you money would be using an online real estate agent or even selling privately if you believe you can do it.

Of course there will be pros and cons to any method you will decide upon.

4.     Look for reliable transport system

Transportation is not the most interesting part of moving into a house. However, it can be of equal importance finding someone reliable to help any buyer move in to your home.

5.     Put all your paperwork in order

Sorting out all your paperwork early will help things move along more swiftly once you accept an offer.

6.     Select a good buyer

Sometimes you will be lucky enough to find several prospective buyers who are interested in buying your home. No need to rush on the first buyer who comes along. It will be handy to at least try to analyze who is least likely to pull out in the negotiations (probably because of nerves or their own sale falling through). The good buyer should also be able to move at the same pace as you. Weighing the amount each buyer offers definitely is a must check.

The ‘best’ buyers you could ever find are those who’ve already sold and completed a sale at least once. Check for those who are buying for the first time, have sold their homes subject to certain contract breach and buyers who have never before sold their home.

7.     Clarify what is included in the price

After choosing a buyer, ensure they completely understand what the price includes including fixtures and fittings.

8.     Agree on key dates

Set up likely dates for exchange and completion in advance – this helps to avoid any future arguments.

It is also important to draw up the agreed note of your plans with your buyer. In as much as this is not legally binding, it makes people less likely to delay in transactions.

9.     Communication is key

Most importantly, always keep in touch. Disappearing for lengthy periods of time like for holidays without informing all interested parties would be harmful. Also include your conveyance agent and your estate agent in this constant communication.

If you were to follow these basic steps as you as you sell your house in the UK, then you can be sure to sell fast.

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