A Guide On Investing In British Luxury Property

April 4, 2017

Landing the right property to invest in the UK sometimes is not a walk in the park. This is especially for those who are moving into the country. This article aims at giving you some heads up on what you need to know concerning Investment in British Property

First and foremost, for any new investor in the UK, you need to do the following to be on the safe end;

1.     Make an inspection on the property


Having identified property that has caught your attention, it is wise to travel to the UK and personally make an inspection on it. Sometimes photos and written documents can be very misleading and can make smaller rooms look much bigger than they actually are. Besides, you can never be too sure of the locality of the property, not until you visit it yourself. If you ignore this step you may end up purchasing a property which isn’t what you bargained for. This may result to a negative influence on renters and consequently affect the return on investment.

2.     Investigate the demographics

It is also important to look at the demographics of the area. It may be a wise move to choose localities with high property ownership. The people in the area should mostly be working professionals.


What’s the ROI in British property?


I believe think there is potential to receive a high return from property almost anywhere in the world. It’s just a matter of understanding the market you are delving into, having the right contacts to steer and guide you, and getting the analysis right and the ability to understand cash flow in the properties for the medium to long term.


How to find the right property in the UK to invest in

The best way I would recommend is to actually get to be on the ground to have a stronger grip on how the market really is and see what actually happens at open homes and during auctions. In as much as this can be done over the phone and Internet, I wouldn’t recommend it for the preliminary steps.

Another viable option would be to find a professional real estate agent who does this the whole day with a specialisation in our area of interest. Real estate agents have an unbiased view on the market and could provide you with the actual information on the ground.

Usually, these agents have access to certain deals that the public doesn’t get to see that easily.



In as much as investing overseas can be advantageous if you find the right property with capital growth potential, and guided by the right experts, you should also remember that it can be an equally risky strategy. Particularly, situations related to lack of local knowledge and ignorance can only result to additional costs and heavy losses.

The best remedy in such a case would be to consult a local buyer’s agent, a tax accountant and a lending specialist in the UK. These professionals are able to guide you and help you understand your options just as they are.

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